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Rhum Damoiseau in Japan

In 2003, we met Mr Tanaka, the representative for JAPAN IMPORT SYSTEM Ltd at the Vinexpo trade show. This marked the beginning of the DAMOISEAU venture in Japan.
We initially decided to gain a foothold at the top end of the market by promoting our vintage and hors d’âge products, in particular our 1953, Full Proof 1980 and 15 year old rums.

Japan Import System made a large-scale contribution to the launch of single malt whiskies in Japan more than 20 years ago. Today the company is focusing on the market for rums from the French West Indies.

In June every year, a major promotional exhibition, the "Rum Festa", takes place to raise awareness of our rums; it is attended by several thousand professionals including retailers, wholesalers, cellarmen and barmen. An increasing number of private individuals are also beginning to attend, demonstrating the interest that the Japanese have for rum from our islands

To follow on from the success and high regard that our aged rums have achieved, we are now turning our focus to the white rum which earned Damoiseau its reputation in the West Indies.
Every year, our head of exports visits in order to train our promoters on the ground and maintain the strengthening link between Guadeloupe and Japan.

If you are interested in Rhums Damoiseau and would like to add them to your list, please contact Monsieur Tanaka, managing director of Japan Import System or Miss Takagi, at the following e-mail addresses : OR