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The history of Damoiseau's Agricultural Rum

The Damoiseau family, owners of the Bellevue distillery in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, have been producing high-quality Rhum Agricole or "agricultural rum" in the best tradition of the French West Indies since 1942.

With a 50% market share, Damoiseau is Guadeloupe's leading Rhum Agricole producer and sells more than 2 million litres per year. 75% of this is consumed in Guadeloupe and the Caribbean.

Further to this success, the Damoiseau company established its own subsidiary, Damoiseau Export, to promote the brand in mainland France and overseas.
In France, Damoiseau Rums are one of the top names in this market segment. Internationally, Damoiseau Export takes a highly responsive and qualitative approach to its distributors, tailoring its products to the requirements of individual markets.

This close collaboration, based on a philosophy of quality and rural authenticity, encourages our importers to capitalise on a dynamic brand.